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Why Buy From A Dealer?

1. Guaranteed Title
Revs checks are no guarantee of clear title. When you purchase a vehicle from a licensed motor dealer, you are guaranteed the title to that vehicle. If there is any money owing to a financier on the vehicle by a previous owner, it is covered by the dealer.
2. Warranty
Most non-commercial vehicles purchased from a licensed motor dealer less than 10 years of age and less than 160,000 kilometres are provided with a statutory warranty. The terms and conditions of this warranty vary from state to state. In addition, many licensed motor dealers can assist with extended warranties for your vehicle purchase for up to 5 years from date of delivery.
3. One Stop Shop
Licensed motor dealers not only sell motor vehicles. Most dealers have experts on staff that can assist with financing and insuring your vehicle purchase as well as protecting your investment with various rust fabric and paint protection and adding the right accessories to suit your motoring needs.
4. Specialist Vehicle Advice
Vehicle sales people are experts when it comes to cars and can provide specialist advice as to which vehicle best suits your needs and your budget.
5. Vehicle Trade-in
Almost all dealers will take trade-ins, allowing you to drive in and out on the same day you pick up your new car. If you have money owing on your current vehicle they make the changeover process simple, without expensive bridging loans. Contrary to popular belief, many dealers will pay top dollar for your trade vehicle if the vehicle is in good condition.
6. Workshop Inspections
Most licensed dealers have been established in their local community for many years and, as such, jealously guard their reputations. These dealers will subject used vehicles to strenuous workshop inspections prior to offering the vehicle for sale. Most dealers will wholesale or send to auction substandard vehicles rather that offer them for sale to a consumer. When a dealer sells a vehicle, he also sells his reputation and the last thing he needs is an unhappy customer.
7. After Sales Service
All franchise dealers and many specialised used car dealers offer workshop and servicing facilities as well as spare parts to keep your vehicle running smoothly, long after you have taken delivery. Many dealers will provide discounts or specials for customers that purchase vehicles from them that are not available to someone walking in off the street.
8. Code of Ethics
Most dealers are members of the Motor Trades Association in their state. Member dealers have a strict code of ethics that they operate within their business. Motor Trader Associations vary from state to state.
9. Convenience
A Dealer offers a choice of cars all in one location, and in many cases will even bring the car to your home or office for a test drive.